New Year, New Beginnings

pink peonies in garden

Flower farming is a new adventure for us at Queen Bee. While all of us are experienced growers, 2022 marks our first year going all-in on flowers. It's exciting! It's slightly terrifying! The amount of organization required is HUGE. The amount of work ahead of us is monumental. Sometimes I think we've lost our minds, but nothing ventured, nothing gained right? 

2022 will be a year of radical transformation for us. We did some small-scale growing in 2021, but 2022 requires a massive expansion in our growing space. Last fall, we put several hundred peonies in the ground; by next fall, several hundred will turn into several thousand. Peonies are a long-term investment – they don't start reliably producing blooms until they are about 4 years old – so that means we've got to plant lots of annuals as our "bread and butter" as we wait for the peonies to mature. 

The process of selecting annuals for cut flowers is akin to being a kid in a candy store. So many beautiful flowers to choose from! Having restraint during the process of choosing what to grow is really hard. Happily, we've got a template for growing from Floret Flower Farm and have used it as a jumping off point for our 2022 growing season. 

In addition to radically expanding our growing space, there's other regular life stuff like getting big and little kids settled in their respective schools, moving houses, finding new customers, marketing, making connections in the community, wedding work – the list of stuff to do is long!

We really hope that you'll follow along in our 2022 adventures as we try and make this big, beautiful, perhaps somewhat crazy dream come to fruition. We promise to share it all – the challenges, the changes, and most of all, the abundance of beautiful flowers that are coming in the months ahead.